How to use?

1. Make sure surfaces clean and dry. Remove any soap, oil and grease.

2. Cut tip off cartridge, screw on nozzle. Cut nozzle to desired opening at 45 angle.

3. For a smooth seal hold at 45 angle and apply silicone sealant ahead of nozzle.

4. If further caulking is required, complete within 5 mins, remove excess sealant immediately with dry paper.


                                                                       Loyal Silicone glue for decoration




Clear;White;BLack;Grey or and other special color


Smooth paste without bubble or particles

Full Cure Time

30-45mins(6mm thickness

Skin Time


Elongation at break



All kinds of glass door and window work seal




Loyal Silicone glue for decoration is a one component adhesive based on Loyal Silicone glue for decoration (Modified Silyl Polymer), moisture curing, good adhesion to glass, ceramics, stone, concrete and wood, etc. After curing, it has high strength and elasticity. It is widely used as adhesive for bonding materials

                                                                           Loyal Silicone glue for decoration



White, grey, black

Color can be customized

Curing speed

Touch dry time


Testedunder: 23℃×50%RH

Mechanical Property

Hardness shore A




Vertical bonding strength




Shear strength


GB/T7124, stainless steel

Cure shrinkage rate

Shrinkage rate




Paste open time in air

about 5min

23℃ X 50%RH


Why chouse use.

Loyal company is located in the raw material production area, there is a complete industrial chain in this area, and good raw materials can be obtained, and the price is not very high. So we are able to produce products with competitive price and fast delivery. In order to maintain technical progress and improve product technology, we have established an independent R&D department. After years of production and export, we have rich supply experience and can effectively control various risks and problems in export. So if you need better products, cost-effective products, we can supply in large quantities

Loyal Silicone glue for decoration Application

Different kinds of door and window assembly and sealing.

Installation of sanitary ware and waterproof and mildew proof treatment in kitchen and bathroom.

Bonding between the aluminum plate and the wall.

Other general building seals.

Joint sealing of glass, aluminum alloy, concrete, ceramics, wood, etc.

Industrial application of windows and doors.